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xxTERRY ORK .com

a.k.a. Noah Forde,Terry Drake, William Terry Drake

R.I.P. October 20th, 2004


terry ork


portrait of a social genius

april 9th 2005 in new york city more details to come

Ork on the web

Terry was passionate about films
and also film graphics.
Now his vast American and foregin film posters, lobby cards and stills are being actioned off on ebay to keep his memory and legacy alive. Take a look, new items are being added everyday by the webmaster.

Here are few pictures of Terry Ork courtesy of DrunkRockers.com with his adopted son Lucien J. the one with the mannequin t-shirt and other is the web master Gil Alvarado.


Do you have a good story about Terry?

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Send it to us and we will put it up on this web site.
We are also looking for pictures.

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Walter Fields had a gathering of friends for the late great Terry Ork in New York city on Wednesday the 12th of January from 7PM to 10PM At his gallery located at 208 East 7th St. New York, New York 10009


Any pictures taken at this event?:

It was presocratic all the way  no pictures or even the idea of  pics came up..it was  the way the master wanted it..he would have told me otherwise..those present; bob glaudini, rachid the berber filmmaker, ed and tina casey, michael abelman from austin, poti oliveri the great cinefile. the no shows were interesting... t. might say...hey they were all irish.. it was like tying a red ribbon on a  box that once held treasures and inside  is terry of course, and us, the place where our nothing mixes...

–Walter Fields

more info to come, check back again soon

updated on march 26, 2005
e-mail contact: gil@gilalvarado.com
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